Out of the Doubles Kitchen

Book Description

Informative, educational, and inspiring, Out of the Doubles Kitchen is a fascinating memoir of the first family of Doubles ─ the number one street food of Trinidad and Tobago. The book traces the evolution of this business from being “poor-people-food” to a multimillion-dollar industry. The family’s struggles in introducing this new ethnic food to a diverse population are vividly narrated. The author engagingly recounts his family’s experiences with the social hurdles of abject poverty, illiteracy, alcoholism, domestic abuse, shame, race and class. His writing transports the reader back to Trinidad when its plural society was in its infancy. The book is also a remarkable testament to the extraordinary legacy left by the author’s father. In addition to documenting the history of his family's creation of Doubles, the book is a deeply personal memoir of the author's own journey from the Doubles Kitchen to the American Dream. This motivational memoir also leaves the reader salivating for a taste of Doubles.  


"The Doubles story (illustrated through wonderful black-and-white photography), along with the account of a family struggling with alcohol abuse and domestic violence, makes for compelling reading."--Kirkus Reviews.

"...by describing how Doubles, a common street food became a delicacy to all Trinbagonians, regardless of race,class or colour, Out of the Doubles Kitchen perceives in MamooDeen's life and career, a transcendent example of the birth and growth of Trinbagonian nationality that is almost as beloved as carnival itself."--
Dr. Frank Birbalsingh--Professor Emeritus, York University, Toronto.

"The story of doubles becomes a parable /metaphor /metonym for the journey of the determined Indo-Trinidadians for whom 'necessity became [a] catalyst for invention and creativity' allowing them to escape their 'prison of poverty.'
...this is a valuable book, which every Trinidadian would benefit from reading, and which historians would find especially valuable."--Dr. Raymond Ramcharitar--Literary journalist, Trinidad Guardian.

“A spirited defense of the creation of the Trinidad Doubles industry interwoven with a personal memoir of the journey from the Doubles kitchen to corporate life. Held together by tracing the seeds of rejection and the struggle to overcome. Honest and very readable.”
─Ken Boodhoo PhD. Emeritus Professor, Florida International University. Author of The Elusive Eric Williams and Eric Williams: The Man and the Leader.

“A trailblazing work that will help to create a greater appreciation of the East Indians’ contribution to the development of Trinidad and Tobago; a contribution that is also having ripple effects across the diaspora.”─H.E. Mr. Chandradath Singh, High Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago to India, Japan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Bangladesh.

​​"It's an important contribution to our history and our evolution as a people. Well written."--T&T Cabinet Minister Dr. Suruj Rambachan.